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      This league was formed by teams that previously belonged to the NEKL. Topeka High, Lawrence and Ottawa were the western most members of this old league and were at a disadvantage as far as travel was concerned. The NEKL was also too big for proper scheduling with nine members. So, both the new and old leagues benefited from the split. CKL member Manhattan and Independent Emporia were also charter members of the EKC.

      Football play was dominated by TOPEKA HIGH - this was the E.B. "Buck" Weaver era that included one of the best teams the Trojans ever had  in 1940. Emporia offered some competition. Alfred Smith, father of future HOF coach Dean Smith, guided the Spartans during this period. MANHATTAN dropped out in 1939 and returned to the CKL. The league continued with four schools until being abandoned after the 1940-41 school year. TOPEKA, EMPORIA and OTTAWA played Independent & LAWRENCE rejoined the NEKL in 1941.

Year            Champion                League     All            Coach

1933 Topeka High (3-1-0) (5-2-0) E.B. Weaver
  Lawrence (3-1-0) (7-2-0)  E.A. Wood
1934 Emporia (4-0-0) (5-1-2) Alfred Smith
1935 Emporia (3-1-0) (4-4-1) Alfred Smith
  Topeka High (3-1-0) (4-4-0) E.B. Weaver
1936 Topeka High (4-0-0) (6-2-1) E.B. Weaver
1937 Topeka High (4-0-0) (8-1-0) E.B. Weaver
1938 Topeka High (3-0-1) (6-1-1) E.B. Weaver
1939 Topeka High (3-0-0) (7-2-0) E.B. Weaver
1940 Topeka High (3-0-0) (9-0-0) E.B. Weaver


TDC Mythical State Champion

1940 Topeka High (9-0-0) E.B. Weaver